As an event coordinator for the School of Sustainability, I have had the pleasure of hosting events featuring Tracey Martin over the past couple of years now and each time she visits, I learn something new! She in incredibly empathetic, knowledgeable about sustainability, and passionate about saving our planet. Her breadth of knowledge exceeds her areas of expertise; fashion and sustainability. When she speaks, she touches on all topics related to living our best lives here on earth. I look forward to having more events with Tracey, I believe our students and anyone else looking for guidance or a mentor in life can gain immensely from her! As knowledgeable as she is, Tracey is also humble; she has a way of connecting with people so you feel heard and not just spoken too. Tracey Martin is the go-to sustainability lifestyle guru I think of first when looking for speakers for events!
— Arizona State University

Tracey is a gift! I appreciate her wisdom and practicality in her teachings? She walks the talk daily in all areas of her life and I love that she teaches how to face “challenges” with tangible pivots to enjoy the ease and freedom of life. Separately, she’s leading the charge and changing the game with her daily implantation of sustainable living habits that will no doubt leave the world in a better and healthier place!
— Nicole Myden Founder, PR Concierge

One of the first words that come to mind when describing Tracey is compassionate. Tracey has a pure heart of gold, willing to share anything that can add value to one’s life. I remember having a disastrous, emotional, complete hell week of depression! I immediately gave her a call to see if she could meet with me, although it was no “true” emergency, to her she treated it as one. That day she cleared her schedule to create time to later meet with me. From that meeting, she inspired a complete mindset shift that has kept me self-motivated to be grateful and have peace towards life. Since then my life has never been the same, all because of Tracey Martin’s ability to be compassionate and willing to add value to this world. I genuinely thank God because when He made Tracey He somehow saw me and others that would sincerely need such a precious gift. Thank you, Tracey, for being my friend and my hero!
— Founder/ CEO - Emmanuel L. Hightower

Tracey Martin is one of the most extraordinary people I have ever met and had the privilege of knowing. She has the most loving heart combined with an incredible passion to educate and inspire others to learn more about making our world a better place. Her experience as a Transformational Life Coach, Fashion Designer and Author has given her the expertise to be one of the most gifted speakers of our time. She speaks from the principles on how to create a more sustainable way of life in all aspects of living. Tracey’s knowledge and insight has helped countless individuals into guiding them to a happier, healthier and more well balanced lifestyle and mindful way of daily living.
— Doren McClure, San Diego International Film Festival

Having the opportunity to be a part of Tracey’s Transformation Tour was such a positive experience! Tracey is such an inspirational and empowering woman that has the ability to bring people from all walks of life together.
The event was multi-dimensional combining conversations of health and wellness, self-growth, as well as stories of success and failure in both personal and professional lives. It was a day of honest conversations from everyone involved, and full of tools to help navigate the day to day in ones work and personal journey. I would highly recommend joining Tracey’s Transformation Tour to anyone looking for a positive experience to help improve their outlook on life and connect with others along the way.
— Jen Esposito, Founder/CEO D’Isolana Skincare

Tracey Martin and I connected on a professional level at first, but that quickly blossomed into a beautiful personal relationship, as I admire her in every arena of her life. She is positive, motivating, uplifting, strong and yet a very humble woman who I turn to for business and personal advice. As her confidence, high morals and significant experiences in life have shaped her into a true guide in every area of life. She is a true inspiration who I respect greatly and feel blessed to have her in my life.
— G.G. Benitez, CEO G.G.Benitez & Associates Public Relations, Inc.

I began working with Tracey during a tumultuous and transitional time in my life. I had vague ideas of what I wanted and where I wanted to be and an even vaguer understanding of how I could accomplish those goals. There was also a great deal of apprehension, meeting with Tracey meant acknowledging my own shortcomings with more depth and honesty than I was previously willing to do. The ease I felt with Tracey within the first five minutes was remarkable and the apprehension immediately subsided. I felt like she cared so deeply for me, my well being and my happiness. It was almost palpable. I could read it on her face as much as in the words she spoke during our sessions. It made me feel so welcomed, so comfortable and it energized me to my core in a way I hadn’t been able to muster up myself for some time. When we left that initial session, Tracey told me that she could see my greatness, and she knew wonderful things were awaiting me in life. I walked into that session uncertain that greatness and wonder awaited me, but I walked out assured it did. That’s what Tracey gave me. She listens, provides thoughtful solutions to problems, but most of all Tracey cares so deeply, and believes so strongly in you that you begin to feel that way about yourself. Tracey empowers you to reach your potential and fulfill your dreams. She ignites them. It is a gift she has, and I am just so fortunate she’s chosen to share it with the rest of us.
— Micah Gould
I met Tracey through a mutual friend as I was in the beginning stages of building my own clothing brand. It was an overwhelming process, but she was an integral part of helping me visualize and verbalize my goals for my brand. I believe my conversations with her helped me procure a valuable client (which happened day after my call with Tracey)! She is focused, encouraging, and truly cares about her clients and keeping them true to the best individual path to their success. I highly recommend Tracey as brand coach and life coach and am personally looking forward to continuing my relationship with in the future.
— Stephanie

Tracey is not only a truly multi dimensional business woman, she is an inspiration for my entire life. Through my work with her, I have been able to ground myself in my life and strengthen creativity and talents. While working with Tracey I found no judgement or restraint. Instead , I found that I was being pushed and guided by a positive force to better myself and my work to reflect the energy I was being given. I have been able to accomplish more in the year that I have been with her than I ever have before. I consider her a great friend of mine and I am honored to have her as a mentor and coach. She will undoubtedly listen to everything a person will have to say and actually SEE them for who they are. Tracey is determined, incredibly smart and generous with her kind heart. She leads by example , is efficient in understanding and wise in her solutions. TRACEY IS A FORCE THAT WILL HAVE A PROFOUND EFFECT ON YOUR LIFE. Turning you into a better version of you, without you even realizing it. Whether you meet her in business or in a personal friendship she will radiate light in your life.
— Casey Carrington, Graphic designer and photographer