Transformation Declaration
Teen Workshops 


We transform people who change the world”

“What do you need that you aren’t receiving?”
“Why wait until adulthood to begin your personal development journey?”

Let’s begin designing your life in your teen years so you have a clearer picture of your pathway from your family foundation. The answers are there, you must ask the powerful questions.

Unlike your parents, you have a birds eye view of the world through the internet and social media. You can see what the world looks like outside your family, friends, neighborhood and community.

This has been on my mind for decades. I have been an Immersive Transformational Coach for more than 25+ years and I have often wondered; what if we were able to reach our teens BEFORE they hit a wall and life kicked them in the ass? What if we empowered and equipped them with the life skills and tools they needed to be holistically successful? What if we started a transparent dialogue of honesty and authenticity from love not fear? I am through asking questions and I am ready to implement the solutions.



Reviewing the Agenda


LOCATION: Scottsdale, AZ
TIME: 11:00 AM - 5:00 PM

“Rather than rewriting or rewiring an adults DNA and life experiences; we are seeding these kids to be destined for impact” Tracey Martin

Transformation Declaration curriculum workbook - the workbook comes to life through a video presentation. Each attendee will receive their own copy of the TRANSFORMATION DECLARATION - teen edition. Most of the work will be completed in the room the day of the event. 

Please arrive at 10:30am–10:45am

At 11:00am sharp: Your phone will be taken and put in a sealed envelope until after the event.
11:00-12:00pm: Introduction and review of the afternoons agenda. Launch of the curriculum - “Transformation Declaration: Teen Edition
12:00-12:30pm: Open Q & A - NOTHING IS OFF LIMITS!
12:30- 1:30pm: Speaker (TBA) Q & A
1:30 - 2:30pm: Late lunch
2:45 - 3:45pm: Teen panel and Q & A - Topic - “Building Bridges Instead Of Walls” - communicating with family & friends.
3:45-4:45pm: Group activity - the group will be split between guys and girls. Speaker & topics for each group with be announced 24 hours prior to event. A parent waiver will be needed. 
4:45pm: Free to roam, claim your phones, get to know each other, and connect. You MUST connect with two people and exchange information. Face to Face connection is necessary at this time!


LOCATION: Tom’s Thumb Trailhead
TIME: 6:30am sharp

- Meet Our Teen Board of Directors -


Joseph Stallone

Senior:  Chaparral High School, Scottsdale, Arizona
Chairman of the Buzz: TLM Media
Board of Directors: Teen Transformation Tour
Server: Koi Pok
Entrepreneur: Scottsdale Pickups - buying & selling apparel
Future Goals: Attend a University to prepare him for whatever he chooses. To be prepared to walk his passion out in life.
Interests: working out and staying fit, sports, social, outdoors, cars, fashion, investing, and learning more about the stock market.

Joseph is a dynamic and charismatic teen. He is always looking for ways to learn, grow and take his life to the next level. His clear focus on being an entrepreneur and making a difference is what makes him a fearless stand out teen in today’s world. 


Margaux Mills

Junior: Ladue Horton Watkins High School, St. Louis, MO
Board of Advisors: Transformation Teen Tour
Future Goals: Massive success in whatever she chooses.
Interests: Travel to far away lands. Immersing herself in other cultures. Fashion, entrepreneurship and business.

Margaux is a stand out teen in every sense of the word. She recently decided to trade in her high heels and crown for a pair of hiking boots, ditching the pageant scene to climb Mount Kilimanjaro and volunteer at schools in Africa. 

Margaux’s personality is the first energy that hits you and impresses you. Her willingness to be outspoken on matters that are important to her and her world is impressive.  She is an honor student and a natural leader. Margaux has the ability to easily connect with others and help them see the good that may not they see in themselves. This is why she is one of our fearless stand out teens.


Erich Huttinger

Sophomore: Notre Dame Prep 
Board of Directors: Transformation Tour
Interests: Tennis

Erich is committed to doing whatever he can to make this world better. He is involved in a program called Veteran Heritage. This incredible program pairs a student with a veteran. The teen has the privilege of recording and interviewing the veteran; from there the stories, are then shared and published. 

Erich is one of our stand out teens because of his heart and willingness to get involved and make a difference in whatever he puts his focus on.


Marina Martin

Junior: Chaparral High School, Scottdale, Arizona
Board of Directors: Transformation Teen Tour
Future Goals: To attend a University and follow her passions into a rewarding career
Barista: Juby True
Interests: Fashion, fitness, outdoors, and off roading with her boyfriend. 

Marina is currently focused on her job, school and personal growth. She possesses a unique gift of caretaking for those around her. Marina has the ability to make others feel special and lift them up without the typical hindersome quality of jealousy. She truly does want to see others achieve greatness. This along other important qualities is why Marina is one of our stand out teens on the tour.


Isabella Popo

Sophomore: Notre Dame Prep
Board of Directors: Transformation Teen Tour
Future plans: Become a fashion writer. Attend college at ASU, NYC, USD or FIDM. Possibly becoming an advocate for causes within the fashion world.
Interests and clubs: Fashion club, Environment club, ukelele club, Choir and Hospital helpers. 

Isabella is a stand out teen in her own right. After meeting her, her mom told me that Isabella had modeled my childrens’ wear line way back in 2009. I was so excited to see just how small this world can be. Like her classmate, Erich, Isabella is also involved in the Veteran Heritage Project.

Isabella is completely involved in this life that she has been blessed with. She is immersed and ready to jump at every opportunity that comes her way!


Tristan Lee

Freshman: Arizona State University, Tempe, Arizona
Board of Directors: Transformation Teen Tour
Executive Assistant: Luke Kayyem
Future goals: graduate with a focus on Entrepreneurship
Interests: Business, real estate, fashion and cars.

Tristan has a focus and drive that is not seen in his age group in today’s world. His family story is one of his big “why” factors. This is the kind of grit and resilience that is lacking today. Yes, his major is entrepreneurship. But he also has the traits that can not be taught in a classroom. I was so happy to be connected with him and have him be a part of the movement.


Sienna Totah

Freshman: Ursuline Academy, Dallas, Texas
Board of Advisors: Transformation Teen Tour
Future goals: Attend a University of her choice and continue to collect stamps on her passport. To be successful in academics and learn the art of time management and leadership.
Interests: Learning new languages and traveling. French club, UN club and drums.

Sienna is a girl that just has the “IT” factor. Sienna speaks 3 languages fluently. She has traveled extensively around the globe and continues to make plans to visit far away places. She is on the drumline in the marching band at her school and continues to excel in all areas of life.