We’re done with normal

You know how young people always want to be rebels? They want to smoke and hook up and get black-out drunk because it’s the “cool” thing to do. Well it’s not rebellious – it’s normal.

We are redefining what it means to be a rebel. We are choosing to audit what we allow into our lives. What podcasts and music do you listen to? How much time to you spend on social media? Do you leave the screen feeling more motivated or defeated? Do you have genuine friendships? What are your values and your goals for the future?

These are the questions we are asking ourselves. Tracey has built this community of young people who are motivated and ready to show up for themselves and their world. Are you in?


Marina Martin

Scottsdale, AZ
Marina is a breath of fresh air in today’s world. She has focus on family and friends. Marina understands the importance of personal growth and works hard to become the best she can so she can help others do the same. She believes in impacting the world for the better. We are so lucky to have her as one of our ambassadors. Marina is studying sports management with a focus in psychology. She hopes to impact the lives of our athletes as they step into their professional career, on the field and off.

Margaux Mills

Southern Methodist University
Dallas, TX
She is studying business management with a specialization in entrepreneurship at the Cox School of Business. Margaux has her sights set on starting her own business in the future. She craves travel and a sense of freedom, which she plans to pursue after college.

Joseph Stallone

Grand Canyon University
Phoenix, AZ
Joseph is a high-performing sophomore at Grand Canyon University, majoring in Business Entrepreneurship. His goals and ambition give his life meaning. He knows what he wants in life and refuses to settle for less. His why keeps him afloat and ready to tackle anything that comes his way. He grew up in Scottsdale, and has been an outlier since the beginning. He is one of our founding ambassadors for this movement and works closely with Tracey and the events. He helps write curriculum that is used to educate high-performing young adults. His main motto in life is BE IN THE MOMENT. We are grateful to have him as part of our team.

Aidan Oiknine

Tufts University
Boston, MA
Aidan loves technology and how it effects human behavior. He enjoys trying new foods and spending time with friends and family. We are lucky to have him onboard and can’t wait to see how he impacts this world!

Drew Winkler

Earth, The Milky Way Galaxy
Drew is seeking to live life to its fullest, making sure that by the time he gets to the end of it, he can say he truly did live it. Drew wants to live a life full of adventure, and yearns for a constant state of freedom and wonder whilst exploring the world. The concept of being tied down to a specific place or people for extended periods of time drives him mad – which is why he plans to visit every country in the world! We wish Drew the best of luck in his goals and aspirations and hope he fulfills his life the way he wants to.

Faith Scaramella

The Catholic University of America
Washington, DC
Faith Scaramella is a freshman mechanical engineering major with a concentration in aerospace at The Catholic University of America, located in Washington, D.C. After going to a few of Tracey’s workshops, she decided to start working with her and has been for the past year. Alongside Tracey, she has seen a lot of growth in her mental health, physical health, communication skills, and more. Faith is working towards a great future of growth and perseverance.

Sawyer Pittenger

Northern Arizona University
Flagstaff, AZ
Sawyer has come a long way since his first encounter with Tracey Martin. Over the past two and a half years, Sawyer has gone through a mental, spiritual, and physical change which has benefited his transformation into the man he is becoming. Sawyer is pursuing a degree in psychology with a minor in food and nutrition at NAU. Sawyer’s first business, Pitt Power, launched on Instagram in November of 2020, helping others find the importance of prioritizing life through all aspects of wellness. Sawyer has strong, yet undetermined plans for the future – but whatever comes his way he will face it head on.

Charles Keller

Texas Christian University
Fort Worth, TX
Chaz was born and always will be an outlier. Where others see chaos or work, he sees opportunity. When he’s not picking up a book or brainstorming business proposals, Chaz finds joy in supporting his father’s non-profit organization, The Colten Cowell Foundation. He is currently in the process of founding his second company, Chasing Capitalism: a platform designed to bring the knowledge of the leaders of today to the generations of tomorrow. Chaz’s goal is to help other kids think outside the box and in his words, “play the long game.” Once aired, episodes for all to enjoy can be found on Youtube, Spotify, and Apple Music.

Lindsay Zienty

Arizona State University
Tempe, AZ
I am a third-year student studying Sports Journalism and Mass Communication at Arizona State University. I was born on the east coast in Baltimore, Maryland, but grew up in Scottsdale, Arizona. I am a family-oriented person and accredit my family for my successes. I am a grounded and humble person, because of them and work hard in hopes I will be able to provide them with luxuries in the future. I spend most of my days at school, at the gym, studying, working, hanging out with my friends, or watching college sports. Through the adversity I have faced in my life, I have learned to be God-fearing, grateful, and goal-oriented.

be in the moment

Produced by Joseph Stallone & Drew Winkler