Tracey Martin, Founder and Author of Transformation Declaration
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The Transformation Tour is nationwide and includes a full day event with world renowned speakers and a step by step live presentation on the 2019 Transformation Declaration curriculum.

The Focus

There is a gap in the conversation within the world today. We have forgotten that we are all in this together. The goal is to learn to communicate from common ground perspectives so that we can rise up and perform the best we can. In order to do that, we need to understand WHO we are and HOW we show up in the world. We must heal from what has us stuck and humble ourselves through growth. To stop blaming others, as we look for a way in, not a way out.

If you want to transform your world, you must be willing to do the work and transform yourself first.

Men and women work jointly in every aspect of life, at every age and through every season. 

It is time to not only raise awareness, but to raise the bar together. 

Welcoming men, women, and young adults. Join us for a live presentation of the Transformation Declaration curriculum! Covering topics on mental and physical health, family, self love and growth, and relationships.


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