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Selfish or self-aware?
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Spirituality can be defined in many ways but it can never be defined in a “religious” way. Religious ways are confining, boundary laden, judgmental and fear based.

A truly nurtured soul is at the center of your individual spirituality. We are a 3 layered being: Mind, Body and Spirit. Except most of us are driven only by the body, our outward expression. We are concerned with what we feed ourselves, how we clothe ourselves and what we adorn ourselves with. This is mainly because we judge and are judged by appearance. When it comes to the mind we are totally clueless… but that is for another blog post. We are probably only utilizing one-tenth of our brain’s capacity.

Spirituality or “soul care” is at the center of who we are and why we do what we do. How do you nurture your soul? Or do you even think about it? Are you aware of your feelings or do you just suppress them? Are you healing your soul or hurting it? Are you blossoming or are you a withered flower? Are you expanding your world or constricting it? When was the last time you read a book that truly “fed your soul” or are you content to mindlessly sit in front of the television to watch whichever show is “trending?” When was the last time you took a walk? Wrote in a journal? Baked cookies? Danced with wild abandon? Made love for hours? Snuggled? Talked to a friend for hours without caring about the time?

When you become the sum of your parts or a 3 layered human you become balanced. You think differently, you speak more mindfully and you create a better life for yourself and those around you. You begin to think about purpose, identity, growth, abundance, expansion and personal evolution. You show up differently.

Many people may observe and say “my you have changed”. You can answer that with “no I haven’t, I just discovered ME”. Once you begin to do your “soul care” work and exercise “self love” your relationships will change. It is OK if people are left behind. You have been their teacher. Self care is never selfish. It is “abundant” thinking!


Grow Your Brain

Everything starts with a thought. How healthy are your thoughts? What does your “self talk” sound like? Positive or negative? Encouraging or discouraging? Kind or self loathing?

What if what we said to ourselves was played out loud? Yikes! There is a thought.

Today I want to talk about “growing your brain.” Not just thinking positive thoughts but literally changing the way you think. Did you know that you can actually create new neurons and pathways in your brain just by thinking and acting differently? Neuro-plasticity is the ability for the brain to reorganize and create new connections during learning or experiencing new things. WOW. We can actually do that?! This creates lasting change in the brain and it can slow the aging process as well.

What you think becomes your reality. Think about a new project you want to create and visualize it. Exercise your brain through meditation. You will accomplish this because you’ve moved energy toward it and the universe will answer you with matching energy to bring to fruition whatever you want. You have created a “new you” and a new experience.

We behave in habits. What I mean by this is that when we are experiencing something, we mirror the act based on past experiences. We have already predicted the outcome of a new situation through our thoughts about the past.

Our internal conversation might sound a bit like this:

“I am not smart. I have this test coming up and I know I am going to fail it no matter what I do” or “this always happens to me” and the old classic “I don’t do well at this (x,y,z)” “I’m not good at (x,y,z).” We have shot ourselves down before we’ve even tried by pulling up a negative experience and using it as a yard stick for our life. Not a good way to live. By doing this you are setting yourself up for failure by your thoughts and the “habit” of being you. You are creating a negative reality by speaking things into reality. You have that kind of power!

The good news is that this works in the reverse as well. We can change our world for the better by changing our thoughts.

So for 30 days, I want you to do the exact opposite of what you would normally do in a familiar situation. If you drive to work the same old way, take a new way to work. Look at the new surroundings. If you normally drive to a familiar coffee shop on the way to work, seek out a new one and try it. Not only will this actually grow your brain, it will lift your spirits as well. Trust me. Give it a try it and give us some feedback. Changing your world takes work, are you up for it?

Little things matter too. Sleep on the opposite side of the bed. Sit in a different place at the dinner table. Take a shower in a different bathroom in your house. Seriously!

“To change is to think greater than the environment, to think greater than your circumstances and act greater than the conditions in your life,” Dr. Joe Dispenza. Look into this man’s brilliant teachings and his books. One of my favorite is “You are the placebo.”

Tracey xo