You Will Never See A Co-Dependent Lion Cub


Wings were meant to be used! One of the areas of coaching that I seem to be working with more than ever these days, is communication within the family with teens and their conviction to GROW and GO out on their own. Yes, it is true we had a few decades of the “failure to launch” mindset conversation. Now, I am working with more and more teens who are hungry for more. More wellness, more growth, more love and more wealth. But alas, the parents are struggling with cutting the cord. 

This title made me laugh when it popped into my head the other day. I was chatting with one of the parents of a teen I work with. We were mulling over why some times we as parents can’t get out of the way of our teens when they are so convicted in their choices to leave the nest. Lionesses in the wild literally push their cubs out on their own. However, they are still watching from afar and are still there just in case a hyena starts to look at their cub as a lunch snack. This is how these cubs adapt and learn how to use their intuition and actually “exercise” their skills that they have been taught. Why teach your kids if you never let them use their skills and tools. Or, have we failed to even teach our kids the life skills they need to survive? WOW, that’s a big glaring question hanging over our heads as parent. I believe it it two-fold. We have taught them some of what they need. In true teenage fashion, maybe they didn't bother to listen. There is so much distraction going on in their minds today that who can blame them! Hell, sometimes, I can’t even remember which turn I take to go home.

Let’s remove the excuses and implement solutions. We can’t gain everything we need to be successful in our life from our parents. Give your kids permission to thrive and seek out the knowledge they are craving!.

Tracey xo 

Jessica Ricci