Conscious Parenting - Less Is More


“I want to give my child a better life than I had”

How many times have we heard some one say this or maybe we have said it ourselves?

What does this mean? There are so many different perspective that pop into our head when we hear this, it becomes hard to have clarity on the true meaning in each of our lives. Most often times it means material things or a college education or certain type of home.  Not that any of these are bad, it is the reason behind the thought that needs to be reviewed. 

The list might look like…..

A new car as soon as they turn 16                Personal Services 
Extravagant gifts                                               Never saying ‘NO” to them
A big house                                                 Ivy league education
Designer clothing 

I believe these things can be looked at as carrots or rewards. If we can look at the bigger picture. We don't want our kids to lose the lesson in order to gain the material asset. If you want a car, get a job, manage your money, learn to negotiate and value it.

What if the true meaning of “I want to give my child a better life than the one I had”  actually included tools for a successful life? The language to communicate and have destiny dialogue. The vision for their life so they know they can actually create the life they want. The self-discipline to be able to say no from a place of abundance. When I say no to this, I am actually saying yes to so much more. Along with the coping skills for the times that when life tries to knock them down so that they will continue to rise. 

These are gifts. These are truly assets to bestow upon your child.

 “What if the life you want for your child isn't the life your child wants?”

Ask yourself this, am I giving my child things to make myself feel better or are these things truly something they need? What is the benefit?

Sustainably Yours, 

Jessica Ricci