Human Potential

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You are operating at about 40% of your potential

That is the plain honest truth. I hope this makes you think. Focus on this statement for a moment. This means that you are not even doing half of what you could be doing. HALF!!!

Of course, you have reasons, or so you tell yourself you do. Reasons or excuses? Hmmmm… That one hurts.

Are you going after the level of physical fitness you want? Are you seeking your true purpose? Have you audited you circle lately? Do you realize that you have an expiration date? We are all terminal.

That last statement comes in a little rough for sure. No one wants to think about this. I recently attended a memorial service for a family friend. My husband worked with him for over 23 years. He was 52. He only got to do life for 52 years. What did he do? Did he live the life he wanted to? Did he design his life for truly living by his standards? I never had a chance to ask him these questions. That is why I am asking YOU. I ask my clients this quite often, just so I can keep it fresh in their minds. This is not meant to give anyone anxiety. It is meant to help you focus on what is really important. Are you “legacy living?” 

Often times we live for a paycheck. For material consumerism instead of positive human impact. 

What has been on your mind for a long time yet you continue to up obstacles that keep you from achieving or experiencing? I like to call these things “ANTS.” Automatic Negative Thoughts. Once you speak out what you want, then you automatically follow it with, “That won’t happen.” “I am to old.” “I am to young, too inexperienced.” “Someone else deserves it more than I do.” You will get exactly what you think you will! So think differently. What if you spoke out what you want and then followed it with an affirmation or an opened question? So for example, “I want to write a book, but I have no idea how.” “I don't know how, but I will figure it out!” THIS is possibility, willingness and determination. This is how you rise to achieve the other 60% of your human potential. No matter how many blogs, self help books or Instagram posts you read to get motivated, it all boils down to one thing…..YOU! Keep moving forever forward! 

Tracey xo

Jessica Ricci