Sustainable Living - Removing Obstacles and Excuses


How many times have you looked at your life, relationships, jobs or even your home and become frustrated? Even disgusted to find yourself looking at a mess that should have been cleaned up. Even disappointed in yourself on an opportunity that you let pass you by because you analyzed yourself into complacency? What is holding you back? What obstacles need to be removed? 

Looking at your life as a whole and wanting to change can become overwhelming. I invite you to look at your life in pieces that can all be fit back in the best place to create and complete a part of your life puzzle.

Reviewing your food and fitness. Ask yourself. What wellness changes do I want to make? Do I want to become physically stronger? Do I want to challenge myself to a marathon? Do I want to be in the best shape of my life? Then decide what it is that will propel you to that specific goal. You must have a “take no prisoner” attitude. Review your refrigerator. Remove the foods that you know are not the best source of nutrition. Get the foundational blood work done. Sign up for a great fitness class. If you can, hire a good trainer or coach to guide you along the path. Set yourself up for success. This may be a solo journey but it is oh so worth it!

Reviewing your career:  Ask yourself. Do I struggle to get out of bed in the morning? Am I unhappy in my job? Does my job fulfill or challenge me and grow me? Am I staying for the money? If so, what is the true cost?

Depending upon your answers, you may need to reassess your day job. You are going to have to pay bills anyway, why not pay them doing something you love? Set yourself up for success. Take a long and lingering look at your finances. Lay the ground work and exit strategy to make a change. Begin to look into what type of job or career you would really love to be doing. I know we have all heard this before, but it is true. You only live once. Why not do it by design not default.

Reviewing your living space: The place we come home to should be our sanctuary. After crazy days, there is nothing better than kicking your feet up and getting comfortable in the best way you can, at home. It should recharge you. Look around your home, are there changes you want to make? Be better organized. Hang hand drawn pieces of art or family photos on your walls. Maybe some new dishes or towels. It is incredible how you feel with even the smallest changes. It will invite a fresh perspective. Just flip to HGTV for a little inspiration.

Don’t hold back. Take an authentic look at your life and intentionally remove the obstacles that are keeping you complacent, no matter where they lie.

Sustainably Yours,

Tracey xo

Jessica Ricci