Have You Deconstructed Your Ability To Cope In Today's World?


What does this mean? We are the only creatures who are born with the natural ability to reason, quiet our minds and focus our attention on the task at hand. However, in today's world with the multitude of distractions, devices and squirrel moments, we have lost this God given ability. It is almost like our minds have gone rogue. They have gone on their own without direction from our brains.

It is true that the world we live in today is very different from decades ago. However, so are we. We have created healthier lifestyles, more fulfilling lives and new ways of healing. The question is, do you lack the discipline to heal and restore yourself to a more centered state? This may sound crazy to bring in the word “self discipline.” I believe it equals success. Not from a control standpoint but reframing it to a feeling of true freedom. If we are bound by negative thinking, addictive behavior and self sabotage, how will you ever live a life of true freedom? The answer is, you won’t. You will remain in the grips of the debilitating behavior traits. The intention is to “rewire” your brain and create new behaviors that lead you down a path of healing and restoration.

Let’s play catch - This is a game you need to excel at; catching your negative thoughts and learning to reframe them. Do not give them energy, for every negative counteract with an automatic 2 positives. This is a daily practice. Sometimes even an hourly practice. Be willing to do whatever it takes. Hold yourself accountable. Ask a friend or work with a life coach. It will become a new habit once it is practiced. We are human, we do go to the negative at times. Not staying in the space is a conscious choice.

What does your “toxicology report” say about you? - Toxic thoughts, toxic behavior and toxic people are everywhere in our lives. We can even be toxic to others. Review all areas of your life and see where this may show up. Is it in your own words when you have the self talk in your head? Is it in the people you surround yourself with, maybe even where you work? Is it your behavior out in the world? Do you give too much energy to the darkness? Use the tools you have. Remove and set healthy boundaries. These will transform behavior in your daily life.

The child in you - The truth of the matter is that we are so much more authentic when we are children. We love more fully, we are brutally honest

and we live with a sense of wonder. We say no when we mean it and we are excited at what is to come. Once “life” begins to happen these beautiful traits are buried deep under disappointment, fear and negativity. I believe it is our responsibility to uncover and rediscover the authentic state of being that we are born with. Full of love, not fear. Are you willing to go on a personal expedition of discovery?

Jessica Ricci