The Power of Unlearning


So much of what I do as a transformational life is coach is guiding and teaching clients to unlearn specific behavior and habits. For instance, maybe someone in your past told you were worthless instead of worthy. You learned this language at a young age and have perpetuated it in all you do and all the relationships you enter in to.

Most people are really good at momentary success. They get inspired to change. Maybe they attended an event that inspired them. Maybe they got some news from their doctor and they need to shift lifestyle habits. Maybe life threw them a curve ball and they need to move. All of these can be life changing. My intention is to assist in bringing about an awakening within the individual that change is inevitable however, transformation is intentional. It will not happen by mistake or accident. It will need to be an intentional shift in your thoughts, words and actions to bring about a desired outcome. Then it will be repeating that over and over and over again. Until this new way of life becomes your new way of DOING life.

I am in quite a few homes and work with all kinds of different people, families, brand founders and their businesses. Most of the time the reason people are stuck when it comes to transforming an area of their life is fear. Fear around what others will think. Fear around having a lack in their life. Fear around if they will be successful with whatever it is they are desiring to change. Fear is a dream killer when you give it that kind of power. Fear will say “if you can’t do it perfectly then don't do it.” Love responds with “progress over perfection.” Even saying these 2 statements creates a different vibration in your body. One comes from lack and one comes from abundance. Teach yourself to know the difference. To know if it is your fear misguiding you or your intuition leading you.

Commitment and accountability are huge in the act of unlearning and transforming. Make sure that you have ways of keeping yourself accountable. Whether this is a journal, a friend or a coach and mentor. You don't have to do this alone. Super star athletes have the best coaches and best trainers so they can rise to the top. You can rise to the top of your life by being supported along this journey as well. Be willing and open to the possibilities on the other side of fear. Be willing to “unlearn” behavior that has no place in your life today.

Tracey xo

Jessica Ricci