My calling is clear – to awaken Gen Z to their worth and to equip them with the skills needed to build a better future.

I am a fourth-generation entrepreneur and relentless visionary. When my sister and I decided as young girls that we wanted to be veterinarians, our dad nailed together a clinic sign and told us to go find animals to take care of. Anything was possible. When our family business came crashing down, we watched our parents worked tirelessly every day to rebuild what we had lost, without complaining. I grew up knowing no one would hand me anything. I had to work for whatever I wanted in life. Resilience, integrity, and giving a damn are in my blood.


My natural interests in health and wellness, sustainability, fashion, and personal development have guided my business pursuits. I have owned a gym, been a personal trainer, designed multiple clothing, bag, and accessory lines, built an organic dye company, authored a book on sustainability, and trained to be a Certified Immersive Transformational Life Coach.

Each of these seasons equipped me with the knowledge and experience I needed for the next. My career as a life coach has spanned the last 25+ years. I see the best in people and draw it out of them. I’ve coached people from all ages and stages of life, but my heart is for GenZ and their parents. These kids are our future. It is much easier to raise healthy teens than it is to repair adults – so let’s get to work!


Each step I took was leading me towards something bigger and more meaningful than anything I had created before: Leading Gen Z to show up for themselves and our world.

These young adults are discounted by their elders, indoctrinated by their schools, and targeted by big tech. They have countless more obstacles to overcome than any other generation, yet they hold a power and potential that will change our collective future.

I am on a mission to reach this generation with the skills they need to thrive. We are reclaiming values, shifting mindsets, discovering purpose and taking action.


My son speaks so highly of you and your mission, which is obviously making a huge impact on so many. We are thrilled your paths crossed, as we believe it was meant to be. You are changing his life.

Susan H

My daughter shared her notes from the day with me. She was so moved and energized by you and your speakers. She came away with so much realization about life and stepping up to better herself.


Tracey, you are the stone that is thrown into the water. You clients are the ripple effects that go forth to impact the world.

Nikki Mills

Tracey was the guardian for my daughter for a year and a half.



Others are noticing what we are up to.

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