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I'm on a collision course with humanity to awaken consciousness,
sustainable living, and intentionality in the most positive way.


Personal Ecosystem

Define what this means for you. Choose what you believe is “your” best of everything and start building a foundation to your personal ecosystem. Be intentional with your choices. By making more mindful choices, you will begin to build a life that you do not need to “retreat” from. Isn't this what we all want? A beautiful harmonious thriving environment so that we can grow, evolve and transform into the best version of WHO we are meant to be. The foods you nourish your body with. The clothing you wear as your chosen skin. The skincare you use to create a self care routine with. The friends you surround yourself with. The films you watch, the books you read and the places you travel to. Your Spiritual foundation. Your inner circle of friends. This simply means the closest circle to the center with you being the divine center.

*Professional Bio and additional Client Testimonials
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My Story

I can’t remember one particular ah-ha moment or earth shattering change that left an indelible mark on me. What I know for sure is that life is lived though layers. Allowing them to be applied to your life through the ever humbling act of “grace through adversity” is what will ultimately transform you. Learning to own our own shit and grow is one of life’s ultimate gifts.

I was raised on an organic farm before we knew what it was. I was riding horses at age 3 and a guardian for animals before I knew we should be. I was being taught to be a steward of my world before it was “trendy” and the name “green living.” was heard. I watched my parents grow and evolve through life’s adversities with grace. These are all components of my DNA.

I was taught you never give up. You follow through. You listen to your gut and move forward no matter what. You take care of yourself and honor something bigger than you. Practice respect, integrity and radical kindness as a way of life not just an act you perform when the opportunity arises.

These life skills served me well. I have gone through some of life’s most challenging moments. I was in a horrible domestic violence situation at a very young age. I have had health issues that have taken me down the deepest of rabbit holes. I have been a fitness and health advisor because of this for more than 29 years. As a 4th generation entrepreneur, I have been through every aspect of business and had successes and epic failures. I have gone back to school for continued education so I can always remain relevant.

I have guided my oldest daughter through one of life’s most difficult journeys that at times, has brought me to my knees. I have raised my youngest daughter with the tools to overcome anxiety and fear. I have been blessed with a 24 year marriage to the most incredible man of my dreams.

As a Transformational Life Coach, I have worked with hundreds of clients over the years, to assist them in their pursuit to elevate their personal ecosystems. All of this and so much more has contributed to my awareness of WHO I choose to be today.


This is Sustainable Living…


"The Sustainability movement is the first movement in history
that connects all of humanity. It effects every one of us.
It will require all of us to change our behavior, habits and choices."